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How The Awards Are Judged

Professional Categories

The Professional categories of the Essex Wedding Awards will be independently judged after the closing date by a handpicked panel that comprises engaged couples from Essex, the Wedding Gift List Managers and a panel of especially selected wedding, media and journalistic professionals. These carefully selected couples and panellists will be analysing every entry and judging from the consumers point of view. They will look at and read each submission and then select a shortlist for all the wedding professional categories. Our sponsors can of course enter the awards. But will not be invited to assist with the judging and will have no access to any entries submitted, to ensure the process is completely private & confidential, fair and unbiased, this decision will allow them to enter the awards, clear in the knowledge that each entry will be independently & impartially judged on its own merits, with complete confidentiality. Prior to joining our judging panel each judge must sign a confidentially agreement, specifying that they must not reveal anything about the judging and applicants, they must also declare that they have no connection whatsoever with any entries or sponsors, this ensures that that our judging process is completely confidential and makes for an exciting 'reveal' on the night of the awards. Closing date for receipt of entries will be Monday 12th October 2018.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are at no point allowed access to or information from the judging process; they are not invited to attend the judging and are excluded from all proceedings in this regard - this is clearly outlined to them when they become a sponsor and allows them to also enter for an award if they wish to, clear in the knowledge that the judging process is impartial.

Closing date for receipt of entries will be Monday 12th October 2018.

Please note:

Entry for the Essex Wedding Awards 2019 is now closed. Our website will re-open soon for 2020 entries.

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